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Scholarly conference

entitled “Eight hundred years since the establishment of the Duchy of Naxos or of the Archipelago”
6 & 7 July 2007, in the Castle of Hora, Naxos, and in autumn of 2007 in Athens.
Organisation: Academy of Athens, Hellenic Community Research Centre- Institute of Byzantine Research, National Research Institute - Aeon Cultural Organisation.

Naxos 27. May 2007

Norwegian musicians give concert at the Bazeos-tower.

In the framework of a collaboration between The Norwegian Institute at Athens and the Bazeos Tower at Naxos, three Norwegian musicians give a concert at the Bazeos Tower at Naxos 27. May 2007.
The trio is composed by Keith Gregg, piano, Gunn Steinstad, trumpet, and Gunn Kristin Aune, soprano, and the concert program comprises works from the Baroque period to contemporary music. The three musicians share a background from Telemark in Norway, in the heartland of Norwegian Folk music. They have in 2006 collaborated on a number of concerts in Norway and are now taking their interpretation to Greece.
The trio will play a number of pieces from the Baroque period, including compositions by Handel and Purcell. Religious Norwegian Folk tunes and songs by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, are also included in the program, as well as contemporary music. Grieg is celebrated throughout the world in 2007, as this year marks the centenary of his death.
The concert will be held at the beautifully restored 17th century Bazeos tower, about 12 km. from Naxos town (Chora) under the auspices of the Royal Norwegian Embassy.


«The Symbolic Nature of the Representation of the Virgin and the Tama in Her Honour» Lecture by Anthi Valsamaki, Icon Painter, Head of the Icon Conservation Workshop of the Benaki Museum.

The image of the Birth, with the swaddled baby lying in the manger, and the sign of the cross at the head and arms of the Virgin constitute some of the iconographic elements, the symbols, recorded on the metal tamata, offerings from the faithful to the Virgin

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20.6.2003 - 15.7.2003

(Khalki, Naxos, 1903-1984)
An exhibition organized by the Municipality of Drimalia, Naxos.

12.9.2002 - 30.9.2002 Painting exhibition,

of the local artist and educator Sophia Kastrisiou from Aperanthos village. .

01.9.2000 – 25.9.2000 Jewellery Exhibition,

of the jewellery creator Kaeti Christopoulou.