The Cultural Organisation “AEON” and the BENAKI MUSEUM
present the exhibition
YANNIS MORALIS: Theatre, Music, Poetry

The material for this exhibition – which presents the work of Yannis Moralis in the theatre, music, and poetry – comprises his drawings for the sets and costumes of productions by the Hellenic Chorodrama, Theatro Technis and National Theatre, his illustrations for the dust jackets of records by great composers, his “painted comments” on poetry collections published by Ikaros, photographs and texts.

It is material rich in conceptual content, words, sound and movement, since it was the product of the artist’s cross-pollination with the texts of the ancient tragic playwrights, the great classical authors, and Nobel-winning poets George Seferis and Odysseus Elytis; it also echoes the spirit of cooperation with inspired artists like Manos Hadjidakis in music, Karolos Koun in the theatre and Rallou Manou in dance, in short, with the key creative spirits who sparked the post-war Greek “cultural miracle”.
Exhibition curator: Fani-Maria Tsigakou

Saturday 30.7.05 (21.30)

“Coast”, “Suddenly in love”, “Today”, “You left early”, “Stolen life” and other popular songs by the well-known composer will be performed by the talented young singer Irontina, whom we heard recently in the year’s most successful film, Pantelis Voulgaris’ “Brides”, and on the CD of its soundtrack by Stamatis Spanoudakis. With her is Constantinos Bilalis. These two artists are accompanied by the group Tanirama, with Dimitris Kroustalakis, Haris Haralambous, Michalis Andronikos, Thomas Dimitrakopoulos and Aleka Elioti.

Wednesday 3.8.05 (21.00)

“Pegniodos” (=Playfully). Α performance for children from 2 to… 102 years old, by actors, musicians and singers Katerina Fotinaki, Stratos Achlatis, Sotiria Rouvoli, Andreas Stergiou and dancer-narrator, Yannis Mantafounis. Guided by the innocence of children, a lot of imagination and inexhaustible humour, the show is played in such a way that songs and fairy tales are addressed to children and adults alike, who are all called upon to take part in the action on stage, that includes many surprises. Kinesiological supervision and choreography by Yannis Mantafounis (played the part of Eros in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games).


Saturday 6.8.05 (21.30)

“The Ballad of the Park”, recital with ARLETA, dedicated to her good friend G. Ioannou.
Arleta is one of the most well-known singers and composers, who continue to create the most beautiful ballad songs from the `60s up to now. “The first time I came out in scene of theatre, I was so much seized with fright, that I couldn’t face the audience. However, the magic atmosphere of the theatre and the challenge to enchant the people, dispelled any fear that I had. A precious and mutual relationship developed between me and them. Each time I come in contact with you, I feel as if it is the first time, but also the last time. Each time I have a horrible stage fright and each time, when the moment to sing comes, I forget everything thanks to you”.

Sunday 7.8.05 (21.30)

Concert by KOSTAS VOMVOLOS’ musical group TABAKO”. Three instruments interchange roles in a game between the precision of classical music, the electricity of blues and the redemptive energy of improvisation. Three voices in songs and texts by G. Ioannou, L. Platon, Kurt Weill, T. Waits, J.L. Borges, I.Calvino, N. Engonopoulos, A. Empeirikos and others. Kostas Vomvolos: accordion, drumsticks; Georgios Bantouk: electric guitar, vocals; Tasos Misyrlis: cello, vocals.

Saturday 13.8.05 (21.30)

Recital with NENA VENETSANOU, one of the best Greek singers and composers. “Songs of mine are being presented in the recital at the Bazeos Tower by the group “New Land”; their theme concerns the various causes of human migration, a theme familiar to Giorgos Ioannou, since he was an internal migrant. Songs of mine will also be heard from the “Cities of the South”, paths of light from morning to night in my Mediterranean landscape, and from “Cafe Greco”, in which I describe meetings in special places, coffee shops and other favourite haunts of the author we are honouring. This recital includes songs by Nikos Mamagakis with lyrics by Giorgos Ioannou from their collection “Transit Centre”, and by Manos Hadjidakis from his “Ballads of Athinas Street”. Vivi Geka mandolin – Stavros Ayianniotis guitar.

Saturday 3.9.05 (21.30)

MARIA DEL MAR BONET the “national voice” of Catalunia, will give a concert of melodies and songs of the Mediterranean, in her own unique interpretation. She is accompanied by Feliu Gasull, guitar and bandurria; Javier Mas, guitar; and Dimitris Psonis, percussion and bouzouki. The celebrated singer is coming to Greece as guest of the Benaki Museum – where sings at 1st of September 2005- and the Naxos Festival, with the support of Generalitat de Catalunya.

ORGANISATION: “AEON” Cultural Non Profit Organization in collaboration with: Benaki Museum's, KEDROS EDITIONS.