Naxos Festival 2009

Every summer, on the occasion of the Naxos Festival and thanks to the joint presence of internationally renowned artists and contemporary aesthetic trends, Bazeos Tower becomes a venue for inter-cultural encounters and original creations, offering a certain artistic breeze to the ideal holiday island of Naxos.
This year, its theme is the relation between space and art, how they influence each other, how, in other words, structure becomes synonymous, equivalent to and consubstantial with poetry, how one dwells poetically in a space, how it is experienced authentically, how “internal space” is associated with “external environement”.

A) The Exhibition
Stelios Krassanakis and Mario Vazeos have invited the distinguished artist Nikos Alexiou to provide this dialogue (art & space) with an exhibition entitled:

July 18th to September 3rd 2009

July 18th to September 3rd 2009
Bazeos Tower, daily 10:00 – 17:00. Entrance 4€ & 2€
Curator, Nikos Alexiou. Document, Giorgos Tzirtzilakis.
Organizer,  Mario Vazeos

By accepting the exceptional structure, the historical and architectural particularities of the setting, as expressed the title TOWER-TOWER, Nikos Alexiou transfers, rearranges and reveals his collection of works by 70 modern and contemporary artists: Adam Chodzko, Amy O’Neill, Andisheh Avini, Antonis Kiriakoulis, Deanna Maganias, Elena Poka, Ilias Kafouros, Jim Shaw, Jimmie Durham, Kostis Velonis, Dimitris Papaioannou, Mantalina Psoma, MSaz, Simon Periton, Minas, Marie Francoise Poutays, Mary Redmont, Michael Michaeledes, Spyros Litinas, Stephen Dean, Vasso Gavaisse, Vangelis Vlahos, Yorgos Papountzis, Yuken Teruya and others.
Within the distinctive yet welcoming interior of the tower contrary to the surgical nakedness of museum standards as established by modernism, the collection stimulates the intellect and imagination of those presenting it as well as those observing it. A highly aesthetic proposal that conveys the mutual influence of art and setting, as it can be understood based on the experience of the location and region.

Speaking of settings, let us not forget that we are on the island of Naxos, famous for its over 30 medieval towers, authentic elements of art and architecture within an island landscape as well as a unique architectural unit within Greece as a whole. As an extension to the art collection at the Bazeos Tower, create your own collection of experiences by visiting other towers on the island. Ask for the map that was printed in by: AGROTRAVEL S.A. and the Non Profit Companies MONUMENTA ( and AEON in collaboration with the archaeologist Irini Gratsia, so as to facilitate your visits. Those who follow it are certain to see the island of Naxos from a new perspective, far removed from the contemporary tourist trade, by traveling through time and space according to the laws of aesthetics and genuine experiences.


Saturday 25/7

at 21.30: “Fronteres/Frontiers”, a recital by the Catalonian songwriter Josep Tero (guitar and voice), and Ferran Martinez on the keyboard and accordion. One of the best known singers of his country, he is an ardent fan of Greek lyrics and poetry and has translated and set to music poems of C. Cavafy that are included in his Mediterranean repertoire. He sings with the same passion that characterizes his belief in the abolition of frontiers through music. (Ticket, 20€ & 15€)

Friday 31/7

at 20.30: An evening of classical music at the Kapella Casazza (the Catholic Church at the Castle of Chora Naxos, next to the Archaeological Museum) with works for two violins by Haydn, Handel, Mendelssohn, Kalogeras and Oikonomou with the virtuosi Francisco and Dimitris Margaritis. (Ticket, 10€)


Saturday 1/8

at 21.30: “Comme un jardin de nuit”. The duo Angelique Ionatos and Katerina Foteinaki, who return to their homeland “on loan” from France. Highly acclaimed abroad, the prize-winning Angelique Ionatos met the young Karterina Fotinaki in Paris. From this encounter emerged “Comme un jardin de nuit” in which songs spring like flowers from the verses of major poets such as Elytis, Sappho, Gatsos, Neruda in compositions by Angelique Ionatos, Katerina Fotinaki and other Greek and French composers – Hatzidakis, Leo Ferre, Barbara- as well as their own arrangements of traditional songs. Two guitars and two voices that compose a rare atmosphere that alternates between being gentle and nostalgic, dynamic and … rock, and playful and humorous. (Ticket, 20€ & 15€)

Saturday 8/8

at 20.00: Τhis is a night for our young friends. The Tsiritsantsoules” theatrical company, present in Greek “The day after tomorrow”. A Dutch fairytale directed by Ilja Sloep. (Ticket, 10€)

Monday 10/8

at 21.30: “Musical Geography”. Two excellent voices, the talented Eleni and Susana Vougioukli, with their impressive presence and intense theatricality, take us on journeys to other settings and places through music. Their repertoire includes a cappella songs, based only on voice, as well as other songs that are accompanied by guitar, piano and percussion played by the two women. They sing rembetika and traditional Greek songs in various dialects as well as Greek songs of Lower Italy and Portuguese fados. They also sing Spanish, French, Italian, Rumanian, Turkish, Arabic, Serbian, Armenian, Sephardic, Pomakian and Bulgarian songs. (Ticket, 20€ & 15€)

Wednesday 12/8

at 22.30: “Jazz landscapes”, with the musical trio from Amsterdam, Trioism. Two Greek musicians, Spyros Manesis, piano, Petros Klampanis, double bass, and a Portuguese, Rui-Miguel-Ramos Pereira, percussion, present their musical ideas on a colorful canvas. Piano, double bass and percussion are played in a continuous musical dialogue that concludes each time in a different and unexpected way. Original compositions, jazz standards and unique arrangements are the basis of their repertoire. (Ticket, 20€ & 15€)

Sunday 16/8

at 21.30: The Performing Arts Group, proTASI, will present “Balance” by Nancy Spetsioti, winner of the State Theater Award 2008, as a theatrical reading.  Concept-Stage direction: Dimitris Finitsis, Video: Aliki Peterson. Musical direction: Dimitris Pantsos. Actors: Ioanna Pappa and Omiros Poulakis. Two indistinct people run to hide from their shadows, somewhere in the open air. Comprehension and communication fatalistically yield to instinct, creating a game of balances without rules. (Ticket, 20€ & 15€)

Thursday 19/8

at 21.30: “Moonlight Sonata” monologue
of the great Greek poet Yannis Ritsos. Directed and played by Roula Pateraki. Pianist, Dionysis Mallouchos. Costumes, Angelos Mentis. A production of the Athens Festival. (Ticket, 20€ & 15€)

Saturday 29/8

at 23.00: “Throw rock, build men to men”. Interactive performance by the artist Yorgos Sapountzis. The limits between the individuals but also the cartographycal borders. Admission free.

Seminars at the Bazeos Tower
26/6 – 5/7   Seminar in the Conservation of Works of Art. Organized with the participation and under the supervision of the Conservation Laboratory of the Benaki Museum. For information, tel. 210 7214524.

27/8 - 30/8 Experiential Seminar in Drama Therapy. Organized by the Institute for Drama Therapy AEON. Stelios Krassanakis, psychiatrist-dramatherapist, Yorgos Sapountzis, artist. For information, tel. 210 7258741.


Tickets for the Naxos Festival are available from:

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  • Naxos Tourist Information, Port of Chora Naxos.
    Tel. +30 22850 25480
  • Cafe Citron, Paralia of Chora. Tel. +30 22850 22227
  • Distillery of Vallindras, Chalki. Tel. 22850 31220

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Cultural Director: Stelios Krassanakis
Organization: Mario Vazeos