10th NAXOS FESTIVAL July-August 2010

"Time is a child playing draughts.
The kingdom belongs to the child.

The Sense and Aesthetics of Time

Anniversaries, birthdays, timeless, fleeting, current, memory, existence, last year, this year, yesterday, today, tomorrow, life cycles, age, generations, history, repetition, birth, death, eternity, past, future, beginning, end.  
Time in all its representations, expressions, and variations has occupied, influenced, and shaped Man as a philosophical, theological and scientific concept, as a political, socio-economic system, as well as a physical, intellectual, and spiritual entity. Especially in the post-Einstein period, the meaning of absolute time and space has disappeared, replaced only by events, energy, and matter.
To those very events and people who have given all their energy for ten consecutive years, we dedicate this year’s 10th anniversary of the Naxos Festival. We celebrate these past 10 years, and the 20 years since the creation of the Cultural Organization “AEON”, its very name synonymous with time, with its activities that tie in with the inevitable dialogue between time and art.

Musical visitations from three generations, represented by three female songwriters, one from Tunisia, from Russia, and from Greece (Mathlouthi, Frolova, Arleta), the bicentennial of the birth of Chopin, the birthday of Pericles Koukos, the recent production by “AEON” as a birthday gift, the celebration of the Year Against Poverty, and finally, a seminar dealing with genograms, make up a consistent axis for re-examining time on different levels and versions.
The interior of the Bazeos Tower surrenders to fairytales, illuminated by timeless truths, through the voices of the stars that shine at our annual festival, year after year creating a unique cultural tradition.
Once upon a time…to the question “what is time?” we can agree with Heidegger and support the view that there is no answer, but the question can be re-phrased as “are we ourselves time itself?”

Stelios Krsanakis – Mario Vazeos

24 July-3 September 2010

Strange tales for the curious
Audio-visual installation
24 July-3 September 2010
Daily 10:00-17:00 at Bazeos Tower

Outstanding artists who have participated at the Naxos Festival during its 10-year history, narrate in their own unique way short stories by Christos Boulotis in the rooms and halls of a 17th century tower.
In an environment that stirs the imagination and moves every visitor, the young will recognize the things that puzzle them and bring their dreams to life, while their elders will have the chance to let their dormant imaginations awake.
What is actually hidden beyond the sky?  Behind a clock face? What lies hidden in a double-locked chest?  And if you swallow watermelon seeds will a watermelon plant sprout in your belly?
Odd, fantastical, surreal, these tales create images and thoughts which reveal the mysteries of life in a playful and enjoyable way.

Text: Christos Boulotis
Organization and supervision: Mario Vazeos
Sound processing-Interactive installation: Lambros Pigounis
Images: Vasilis Papatsarouchas
Narration: Arletta, Maria Farantouri (text by Yorgos Heimonas), Dimitris Kataleifos, Stelios Krasanakis, Olia Lazaridou,
Elli Paspala, Argyris Xafis, Savina Yiannatou (poem by Yorgos Pavlopoulos).

Saturday, July 24,

at 20:30
Opening for the audio-visual installation,
Strange tales for the curious.

Sunday, July 25

at 21:30. Concert with Emel Mathlouthi.
With an exceptional voice and stage presence, this young Tunisian singer travels from Paris to initiate us into an unprecedented musical experience. The sounds of the Maghreb and the Middle East intermingle with gypsy influence, flamenco, Celtic, and reggae rhythms. Appearing with her is Ahmed Nouisser.
Bazeos Tower /20 &15€

Friday, July 30

at 21:30. Concert with Elena Frolova, vocals/guitar.
An artist with a dynamic presence in the contemporary Russian as well as international music scene, winning an ever-growing fan base worldwide with her talent and unique interpretation.  Her concert transports us through time with classic and modern lyrics, ancient Russian melodies as well as those of other countries and peoples. This is her second appearance at the Naxos Festival.
Bazeos Tower

Sunday, August 1

at 21:30. Piano recital with Christos Marantos.
This talented young pianist comes to us from Vienna with a program in the spirit of the 2010 International Year of Chopin, celebrating 200 years since the birth of the Polish composer.  By including works of Mendelssohn and Beethoven, Christos Marantos places the works of Frederic Chopin in its true historical context. Under the auspicious of Austrian Embassy of Athens.
Bazeos Tower

Tuesday, August 3

at 21:30. Concert dedicated to the composer Pericles Koukos. A musical celebration of the 50th birthday of the internationally acclaimed composer, returning to his native island.  Excerpts will be performed from the opera “Conrois and his Copies”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and “Manuel Salinas”. 
The Composer himself will be introducing the works.  Performing soloists: Daria Shlem (violin), Constantinos Boudounis (cello), Dimitris Koukos (piano), Stella Koukou (piano).
Tower /15€

Friday, August 6

at 20:30. Book presentation: “Folegandros, Images and Textsby Lefteris Karystinaios and Antton Martinez de Artieda. Speakers: Ch. Euthimiatou, A. Tziotis, M. Venios.

Friday, August 6

at 21:30. “Goal against poverty”. Showing of the documentary that sheds light on the “invisible” inhabitants of the city. The homeless, drug addicts, and refugees are the protagonists of an unusual football crowd, the Greek team Astegon (Homeless). The year 2010 has been declared European Year against Poverty and Social Exclusion.
Scenario-Direction, Ch. Vasilopoulos-D. Petropoulos. Music, D. Bizos. N.P.O. "Diogenis" (ex "Galera").
Bazeos Tower / Admission free.

Monday, August 9 & Tuesday, August 10

at 21:30. “Lenz” by Georg Buchner. The Festival brings to Naxos the theatrical production put on by the Cultural Organization AEON in Athens this past winter to great acclaim. This is one of the most significant classical texts of German literature, in a modern, radical adaptation. The play covers 20 days in the brief life of the unfortunate poet Jakob Lenz, one of the founders of the Sturm und Drang movement of the late 18th century. Translation: Alexandros Isaris, Direction: Stelios Krasanakis. Cast: Vasilis Margetis and Maria Pingou. Music designed and performed live by Lambros Pigounis.
Temple of Dionysus in Iria

Thursday, August 12

at 20:00. “When the Red Thread was Lost in the Great Forest” A puppet show of fairytales with live music and song, presented by the troupe Ftouxeleftheria.  Puppets, objects, and people meet in a world without fear…Narration–guitar: Constandis Mizaras. Animation of puppets and objects: Angeliki Gounaridi.
Tower /10€

Friday, August 13

at 12:00, “Workshop: Construction and Animation of Puppets”. The group “Ftouxeleftheria” guides children between the ages of 4 and 10 in constructing their own puppets from “useless” objects. Cost of participation: 5€. Venue: Philippa Floraka’s Children’s Art Workshop, Danakou Street, Aghios Giorgios, Chora.  Tel.: 22850-31402, 22850-25114 & 6940-899922.

Monday, August 16

at 21:30. “Just Don’t Cry”. Arleta sings songs from the ‘60’s up to today. An evening steeped in the musical atmosphere that, in her own unique way, this popular songwriter and performer knows how to create.
Tower /20&15€

Saturday, August 21

at 21:30. “UrbanDig 5: Solomos” Performance and video from the group “Ochi pezoume”. Choreographer: Eirini Alexiou. Director: Giorgos Sahinis. Texts: from the poem “Lambros” by Dionysius Solomos.
Tower /20&15€

August 26-29

Experiential Seminar on the Genogram. With: Hari Kataki, psychologist; Stelios Krasanakis, psychiatrist-drama therapist; Lily Stylianoudi, anthropologist; Dimitri Stavropoulos, psychotherapist. Venue:
Bazeos Tower. Info.: 210 7258741 & 22850 31402.

Saturday, August 28

at 20:30. Book presentation “The Duchy of the Aegean” and the minutes of the Conference “Local communities and monuments” Speakers: Lily Stylianoudi, Nikos Moschonas, Mario Vazeos, Irini Gratsia, Stelios Legakis.
Venue: Local Archaeological Museum in the Cathedral’s square, Chora. In collaboration with MONUMENTA (

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Organization: “AEON” Non-Profit Cultural Organization.
72 Pratinou street, 116 34 Athens-GR, Tel.: +210 7258741, fax: +210 7258766
Artistic Direction: Stelios Krasanakis
Production: Mario Vazeos
Communications Supervisor: Aris Asproulis

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