Festival 2013

13th Naxos Festival

Naxos of Tolerance, Immaculacy and Self-reflection


Our nights have no darkness
Everything is resplendent with light

For the 13th consecutive year we turn on the lights to the Naxos Festival with a very rich program. We offer a creative and loud response to the surrounding angst with a festival that this year lasts twice as much, welcoming new co-operations, pairing up with partners from Naxos, Paros and Tinos who make up the so-called “Cyclades Circle”, a new yet very promising synergy. We clairvoyantly identify the problems that face us today and present events that ex-cite the soul and the mind. The common thread that penetrates all performing arts, accommodated in the Bazeos tower and other selected venues of the island, is the growing necessity for tolerance vis-à-vis the Other.
From the opening lecture performance entitled “The stranger who left”, up to the closing presentation “Our familiar and alien Self", by forging new co-operations and by introducing new ideas and practices, the Naxos Festival never ceases to discover and courageously express today’s social and aesthetic issues.

It continues to be a site of encounter, synergy and exchange.

Stelios Krasanakis
May 2013


 “Thread – the journey”
Olga Plastira, sculpture
Andrzej Wisniewski, painting

Bazeos Tower 15/6-8/9/2013
June.-July.: Tuesday-Sunday
August- September.: Every day
Time 10:00-17:00
Opening: Saturday, June 15 at noon

Olga Plastira chooses the Naxos marble for her work and creations.
This dual choice and her artistic devotion are dynamically reflected in the creations.
Her sculptures draw inspiration and strength from the myths and the endless history of the land, they engage in a metaphysical relationship with the forms and structures of the age-old Cycladic art, and are in harmony with the scale and plasticity of the island landscape.
The artist senses the energy of the matter and of the land carefully unrolls the thread (mitos) avoiding stereotypes and known paths, embarks on new personal quests and voyages, while claiming her artistic identity in the modern era.
She tries, rejects and combines the marble with metal and clay; she is in a constant dialogue with the other arts, the prose and painting. She meets and converses with other artists inviting them in a creative co-existence.
In the exhibition hosted at Bazeos Tower, Olga Plastira invites the Polish painter, engraver and world citizen Andrzej Wisniewski. The plethoric and enigmatic nature of his works is in contrast to Plastiras’ simplicity and clear articulation. Their co-presence in the exhibition, in a historically-loaded space, is a unique experience punctuated in the present and forming a persistent memory for the future.

Curator-Organizer: Mario Vazaios
Music Installation: Thodoris Oikonomou



Sunday 16/6 at 21:00 – Bazeos Tower
“The stranger who left”
Lecture Performance.
The author Theodoros Grigoriades reads the first-person narrative of an illegal Kurd immigrant from Iraq to Greece accounting his journey to Europe in search of a better life. Curator: Stelios Krasanakis
Admission free

Saturday 22/6 at 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

Concert with Foivos Delivorias
Foivos Delivorias
, one of the most important and famous singers and songwriters of the new generation and Kostis Christodoulou who accompanies him on the keys present the most popular songs by Delivorias from 1989 up to today.
Keys: Kostis Christodoulou

July 15 – 21 – Dance nights in Naxos

Greek and foreign choreographers, dance groups and workshops.

Friday 19/7 – at 20:30

“Vasileios Antonakis” Sports and Culture multi-venue - Kinidaros
Athens Video Dance Project
, combining the art of dance with the 7th Art, that of Video.
Dance duet “Near”
In the beginning, humans were spheroid androgynous beings with two faces, two genitals and eight extremities. Creatures so strong that were feared by the Gods so much that Zeus decided to split them in two with a thunder. Two out of one.
Performers: Karounis Giannis, Koimtzi Nicole 
Music: Nikos Petavrides                                                                    
Design: Elya Kouzou
Duration 17'
Dance theatre performance “Αίφνης' - 'Efnis”
A performance where dance, music and artistic creation co-exist and converse on the concept of the sudden nature of happenings that invades the present altering the smooth development of the future.
Concept: die Wolke dance group
Light designer: Konstantina Evanghelou
Violin: Konstantinos Kampantais
Drums: Irana Samita
Dance/concept: Drosia Triantaki

Saturday July 20 – Plasta – Kynidaros

Plasta – Kynidaros

Open Workshop on Dance and Theatre for children and teenagers by the group die Wolke, Giannis Karounis and Nicole Koimtzi.

Sunday 21/7 - at 21:00

Temple of Dionysus in Iria
”L'après midi d'un faune”
(The evening of a Faun)
Performance inspired by the masterpiece of Vaslav Nijinsky in a music composition by Claude Debussy.
Choreography: Giannis Nikolaides
Costume designer: Vasileia Rozana
Performers: Giannis Nikolaides, Katerina Liontou
Duration 15΄
“Memorandum Naxos Lab”
Greek and French artists, people from the local community and the dance studio of Margarita Tsigkou pair up for the creation of a performance on the concept of “Dance-Orchestra”. The Lab constitutes a preparation for the Greek-French performance Memorandum, which will premiere in Marseille of France on November 22-24 2013, as European Capital of Culture 2013.
The workshop (15-21/7) and performance (presentation of results) will be led by the choreographers Tzeni Argyriou and Soledad Zarka.
Also participating: Vasilis Gerodimos (visual artist) and Coti K. (musician)
Technical Direction: Antonis Nikiforos
Duration 40΄

Co-organizsers: Naxos Festival –Days of Kynidaros Dance

With the support of:
Prefecture of South Aegean - The Legal Entity for Culture, Sports, Environment, Education, Welfare and Solidarity of the Municipality of Naxos and the Small Cyclades (ΝΟPPAPPPA) – French Institute of Athens -  21st Ephorate of Classical Antiquities –– Karpontini Bros Naxian Marbles – “Agios Geogrios “ culture association of Kynidaros


Saturday 27/7 – at 21:30 Bazeos Tower

“Sevas Hanoum” Theatre play
The history of a singer of the ‘50 of Giorgos Chronas, directed by Kostantinos Rigos.
Tonight, Sevas Hanoum, the Saint Amazon talks about her entire life to the young journalist who came to meet her and surrenders to her stormy mind.
The monologue is interpreted by the award winner Kostantina Michail.
Journalist, Giannis Tsebrelides
Stage-designing: Kostantinos Rigos-Mairi Tsagari, Costume design: Elena Papanikolaou, light designer: Alekos Giannaros


Sunday 4/8 – at 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

“From Odyssey  ... to Ithaca”
To commemorate the 150 years since the birth of the great poet Kavafis, Thodoris Ekonomou, the music composer of the play Odyssey, hosted in the National Theatre and directed by the world-renowed Robert Wilson, and the actor Akis Sakelariou who also participated in the play, create a music composition from the “Odyssey”, presenting 11 song poems by the Alexandrine poet.
Director-curator: Stelios Krasanakis
Piano: Thodoris Ekonomou
Narration: Akis Sakellariou
Sound engineering: Andreas Vaitoudis


Wednesday 7/8 – at 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

Piano recital by Nefeli Moussoura
The young talented pianist chooses pieces by L.v. Beethoven , J. Brahms, W.A. Mozart, Alban Berg, F. Liszt, that combine skill, melodiousness and temperament in one recital that fascinates all music lovers.


Saturday 10/8 - at 21:30 – M. Psaras Amphitheatre - Filoti

“The star and the wish”
Concert with Evanthia Reboutsika and her orchestra 
A show with music from the film industry, the theatre enriched with colors and scents from the East and the West. An event full of our favorite melodies from Greek productions such as “Voice of the Aegean Sea” and the “Politiki Kouzina” (Istanbul kitchen) but also from Turkish movies such as the “Babam ve Oglum” and “Ulak”.
Evanthia Reboutsika - Violin
Panos Dimitrakopoulos – Qanun (kanonaki)
Thanos Stavrides - accordion
Andreas Syboulopoulos - piano
Aggelos Papadatos - double bass
Nikos Papavranousis – drums


Monday 12 & Tuesday 13/8 – at 20:00

I. Kabanellis Hall – Municipality of Naxos
“The mouse and his daughter”
An original puppet theater that combines puppetry set design and animation and addresses both children and adults.
Duration: 60’
Puppetry team: Mirela Katsa, Mairivi Georgiadou Filipos Fertis
Adaptation-Direction-Construction of puppets: Mairivi Georgiadou
Set design: Antonis Larios
Music: Yiorgos Chatzimichelakis
Moving image: Spyros Siakas
Lighting design: Melina Mascha

Saturday 16/8 - at 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

Concert by Orpheas Peridis
Eva Atmatzidou
(acoustic guitar, bouzouki, mandoline), Evi Kanellou (acoustic guitar), Alexandros Iakovou (violin) and Ilias Themelis (percussions), sing the most popular songs by Orpheas Peridis, one of the most unique modern Greek singers and composers.

Monday 19/8 – at 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

“Daughters and Sons" play "on the quest of happiness".
Written/Directed: Giannis Kalavrianos
The play is based on a set of 80 interviews that young actors took from seniors throughout Greece. The optimistic message in all of these narratives, which gains new currency today, is that life always finds her way through the difficult and life-defining moments.
Featuring: Anna Elefanti, Stefi Poulopoulou, Alexia Beziki, Giannis Kalavrianos, Giorgos Papapavlou

Thursday 22/ 8 - 21:00

Town Hall Naxos
“Naked Hands
” a documentary film about the great Greek maestro Dimitri Mitropoulos.
Interprets: Lefteris Vogiatzis. Script & Direction: Giorgos Skevas.
With the support of the Greek Festival, the Greek Film Center (ECC) and ERT.


23-25/8 – Bazeos Tower
“THEATER ON THE SPOT- Improvising from the Inside Out -
Our familiar and alien Self”
A seminar on theatrical expression with Steve Clorfeine, University Professor, director and performer, contributor to various theatrical groups in the USA and Europe.