Naxos Festival 2016

Every summer through the exhibitions, music, dance and theatrical performances, the coexistence of international artists and modern artistic current, the Naxos Festival becomes a place for multicultural meetings and special productions, revealing Naxos Island as a perfect place for vacation.

NEW MYTHOLOGIES Art Exhibition |18/6 - 25/9/2016

Bazeos Tower Daily 10:00-17:00

Seven international artists: Hiroshi Egami from Japan, Mireya Samper and Kristjana Samper from Iceland, Saulius Valius and Diana Radaviciute from Lithuania, Dimitris Dimitriadis and the Klaus Pfeiffer from Greece, portray through a variety of expressive media -text, painting, sculpture, video, installations in situ- new mythologies seeking to reveal the dynamic in the projection of ideas hidden within us.


/ Sunday 17/7 | 20:00 | € 10


Burger Project: A concert at the Galaxy
The Burger Project’s interactive music show, addressed to children of all ages. The aim of the show is to engraft young kids with the seed of music and the magic of rhythm while at the same time make them have the time of their life.
The Burger Project are: Alexanros Ioannou (main vocals, guitar, ukulele) - Athanasios Cosmidis (vocals, keyboards, guitars) - Alexandros Georgopoulos (vocals, double bass, el. bass) - Spyros Moschoutis (vocals, drums, sampler)



Monday 25/7 | 21:30 | € 15 € 12


Markus Stockhausen: Night has a thousand eyes, concert
The character of the concert retains affinity with what is internationally described as "intuitive music", a term which was introduced by Karlheinz Stockhausen and underlines a new approach which propels intuitive music towards a different level of abstraction, interactive interpretation and experimental ethos.
Markus Stockhausen, trumpet, flute, keys - Tara Bouman, clarinets – Maria Deli, accordion – Vasilis Rakopoulos, midi - classic guitar.



Tuesday 2/8 | 21:30 | € 15 € 12


Mariza Rizou: Bel Epoque, concert
Accompanied by a band of excellent musicians, Marisa Rizou and colleagues using their creativity, ingenuity and all those beautiful accompanying the era of the Belle Époque, making the old songs as if it were created today, and knowing our new. While someone would expect the style of the Belle Époque to dominate the live, soon realizes that the title is simply a metaphor. No retro mood or any nostalgia for the past ... only plans and roads for a new Belle Époque, this of 2016!



Saturday 6/8 | 21:30


Alexandra Papastephanou – Daphne Panourgias: From Venice to Brazil with Shells and Shadows, concert | Entrance free
Pianist Alexandra Papastefanou and the singer Daphne Panourgia presents “12+1 Shells and Shadows,” a collection of songs based on poetry by Blake, Goethe, Baudelaire and Garcia Lorca, as well a mosaic on compositions from Pergolesi, Scarlatti, Schubert, Poulenc , Debussy,Villa Lobos, Gulda, to Joni Mitchell and the Brazilian Marisa Monte.

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Monday 8/8 | 21:30 | € 10


Claudia Kohl: Preludes, piano recital
The virtuoso German pianist Claudia Kohl, will lead us into a nostalgic and yet mystical journey from the 17th to the 20th century, in a piano recital dedicated to the leading composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Frederic Chopin, Maurice Ravel and Sofia Gubaidulina.



Wednesday 10/8 | 21:30 | € 15 € 12


Kostis Maraveyas: Deck, concert
Kostis Maraveyas with his well-known positive energy and the outstanding musicians of his band will lure us in a very cheerful universe with music from all over the world, many new songs but also older re-mixed favourites.
Nikos Aggloupas: electric guitar, keys - Aggelos Aggelidis: electric and acoustic guitar - Jim Staridas: trombone - Kritonas Bellonias: drums - Konstantinos Manos:  contrabass



Tuesday 16/8 | 21: 30 | € 12 € 10


Vasilis Papavasiliou: Greece kills, Theatre
“I am Greek. Hence, it's impossible for me to be thoughtful. Apologies”.
Fokion Kapnidis is an inmate of A.C.H.O.O. (Asylum for Cannot be Cured Homogeneous Obviously Obedient Greeks.) He gives the annual lecture, -as the ''Inmate of the Year'' should-, in front of an audience that is composed of other inmates, friends and family, as well as the medical and nursing staff of the institution.      Playwright- Director- Actor: Vasilis Papavasiliou - Assistant Director: Nikoleta Filosoglou - Lighting: Εleftheria Deko - Photographer: Μyrto Apostolidou



Tuesday 23/8 | 21: 30 | € 15 € 12


Psarantonis in concert: it promises to be an unforgettable experience
Psarantonis first put bow to lyre - the “mistress” of all instruments - at the age of nine as he tended his flocks high up on Mount Psiloreitis. A formidable, self-taught instrumentalist and a born musician, he has brought his unique style to every corner of the earth, winning admirers and audiences wherever he has gone. His untamed bowing is a force of nature and makes him one of the most authentic exponents of an art inspired by the sounds and whispers of Crete and its ancient musical tradition - with a dash of blues on the side.
Psarantonis is accompanied by: Niki Xylouri, bendir and sings – Yannis Paximadakis, lute – Lambis Xylouris, outi



25/8 – 30/8 |21:30 | Entrée libre


ifgProjections de films Français avec sous titres en Grec

QUAI D' ORSAY       (25/8)
LULU FEMME NUE     (26/8)
AUGUSTINE             (28/8)
VIOLETTE               (29/8)
9 MOIS FERME        (30/8)



2/9 & 4/9 |21:00 Entrance free|Entrée libre


Projections d’Opéras du Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2016
Opera’s projections from Aix-en-Provence 2016 Festival
Cosi fan Tutte (W.A. Mozart). Mise en scène: Christophe Honoré (2/9)
Pelléas et Mélisande (C. Debussy). Mise en scène: Katie Mitchell (4/9)


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Experiential dramatherapy seminar based on the Commedia dell’ arte. With Dr. Anna Seymour, Professor at the University of Roehampton (H.B)