The Naxos Festival travels around the island

One excellent place to eat is AXIOTISSA (Tel. 2285075107), in the region called Kastraki. In Chora, EIRINI'S (tel. 22850 26780) is the place to go to, on the paralia, next to the port. Nearby, at GIRASOLE (Tel. 2285023326), fine Italian cooking. Climbing up toward old Chora, in the narrow streets lies LABYRINTHOS (Tel. 2285022253). The haunt of the Festival is JONNY’S (Tel. 22850 41545) in Sagri, where all the artists and public go after the performances.

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Benaki Museum/ Conservation Department. Course Organization June 26th to July 5th, 2009 at Bazeos Tower- See pdf.

Naxos Festival recommends accommodation:

Hotel Foinikas: At Pirgaki next to the waves. More exotic that it seems in the picture, but also so island, dressed of the  light and the  blue for the sea and the sky. It has luxury and quality, but we prefer it because of the kindness of mrs Helen, who welcomes us.
Tel.: +30 22850 75230/75045
Fax: 22850 75025

Apollon Hotel: Is located in the picturesque region of Fontana, near the Grotta beach. Just a few minutes from the port of Naxos. We recommend it for the calm, civilized hospitality, as only Despoina known’s offers us, for many years now. She’s the modern Ariadne of Naxos.
Tel.: 22850 26801/ 26802
Fax: 22850 25200

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A precious map of Naxos dedicated to the lovers of the cultural but also the pedestrian tourism circulates from the GREEK TOURISTIC ORGANIZATION with the collaboration of AGRO-TOURISTIC HM and Cultural Organism CENTURY, giving the possibility to the island’s visitors to discover all the places of interest.
The form in two languages, Greek and English, presents in one aspect the island’s mapping with the assiduity of cartographic company ASCENT, where all the localities, interesting places and potential ways are reported.
In the other aspect it presents fourteen selective points with organization and modern infrastructures, which reflect the cultural physiognomy of the island.
The Castle of the Capital, the Metropolis of Catholics, the Tower of Mpazaios, Virgin Mary Drosiani, the Archaeological Museum, are only some of the important places of interest that Naxosallocates, details for which are reported in the Cultural Chart of the island
The map, which is sold free of charge in the public, aims not only to inform the visitor for the multifaceted picture of the place, but to prompt and facilitate him to discover beyond the particular natural beauty of the landscape, the reasons for which Naxos constitutes an ineluctable cultural destination.