12th NAXOS FESTIVAL July-August 2012

In 2012, a crucial year for the country’s economic recovery, we muster up all our energy and zest to present an artistic and educational program that ideally accentuates the cultural identity of the island of Naxos.
The growth and expansion of the Festival’s activities as well as its outreach to artists from abroad aim to emphasize the need for extroversion and creative reaction against the fear of economic decline and social collapse.

Summer 2012
Stelios Krasanakis – Marios Vazeos

Bazeos Tower 28/7-2/9/2012


Duration: 28 July to 2 September 2012
Daily: 10:00–17:00
Opening: Saturday, 28 July, at 20:30

De-Meter-Ge (Terra Mater) is the title of a multidimensional visual arts exploration of the archetypal depictions of Goddess Demeter, specially created for Bazeos Tower by artists Miltos Pantelias and Irini Gonou. The exhibition evolves in a narrative manner, engaging in a dialogue with the natural environment of the Temple of Demeter – one of the most significant archaeological sites on the island neighboring Bazeos Tower – while at the same time it is broadened and acoustically enriched by the musical compositions of Elias Pantelias.
Curator-Organizer: Mario Vazaios

Monday 30/7 – 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

Days of the Light – unplugged
Natassa Bofiliou, an extraordinary singer of the new generation, promises a magical atmosphere of utter sensitivity and musicality. She will perform beloved songs from her albums “One Hundred Little Breaths”, “Until the End”, “Three Secrets” and “Double Tickets”, as well as brand new songs from her latest album, “Days of the Light”, in a specially compiled program, based on the genuine emotions stirred by her personal singing interpretations. Instrumentation – Piano: Themis Karamouratidis – Cello: Aris Zervas - Violin: Dimitris Kouzis. Program supervision: Gerassimos Evangelatos.

Thursday 2/8 – 21:30 – Temple of Dionysus, Yria

Modern dance under the full moon.
SELENE - La lune et ses mysteres

A dance solo choreographed and performed by Janet Amato.
Music: Monique de Vivie
Costume: Danielle Menassol
A project about setting ΟΝ the journey from unit to unity. Two beings searching for the poetry of unification. Performed by Sinequanon modern dance company.
Beings: Popi Sfika and Dimitris Sotiriou
Music: Christos Pappas
In collaboration with the 21st Ephorate of Classical Antiquities.
Co-produced with NOPPAPPPA.
Admission free

Saturday 4/8 – 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

Piano recital of Harald Ossberger and Christos Marantos in compositions for piano four hands by: W. A. Mozart, Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt, Herbert Lauermann and Periklis Liakakis.
Co-produced with NOPPAPPPA.
Admission free.
Under the auspices of the Austrian Embassy in Athens.

Wednesday 8/8 – 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

Rainbows, Moons and Bicycles (RmB)
Elli Paspala, together with jazz virtuoso Takis Farazis on the piano, stir the public’s emotions in the rhythms of songs by Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison, but also Manos Hadjidakis, Stavros Xarhakos, Stamatis Kraounakis, Panayotis Kalantzopoulos and other favorite creators.
Elli Paspala: vocals – Takis Farazis: piano

Friaday 10/8 – 21:00 – Bazeos Tower

The woman of Patras by Giorgos Chronas.
Bold, delusional, an explosive monologue, of a passionate pained woman who confesses her life and speaks openly and without fear of pain, violence, lust, love. A creature of exuberant singing, dancing, crying, laughing, angers, causes. An excellent performance that shocked audiences and critics excited.
Director: Lena Kitsopoulou
Performed by Helen Kokkidou (Karolos Koun Award for Performance)

Saturday 11/8 & Sunday 12/8 – 22:00

Notos Club, Palia Chora
Sergio Blanco’s Kassandra unreels her Odyssey in red shiny boots. She recounts in broken English our own search for meaning and hope. War, power, winners and losers, sex, humor and sarcasm. Euripides and Bugs Bunny, Abba, Manchester United and Scarlett O’ Hara. The distances between myth and reality, actor and spectator, space and speech, fall apart.
A stand-up tragedy in simplified English!
Director: Despina Sarafidou – Evangelia Andritsanou
Performer: Despina Sarafidou
Costume supervisor: Loukia Minetou
Music supervisor: Vassilis Tsonoglou

Saturday 11/8 & Monday 13/8 – 20:00

Bazeos Tower
The Half-Cockerel

Puppet show for the Festival’s younger friends.
The story belongs to the category of folk amoralist fairy tales. The tale’s value does not lie in its moral but in the hope and certainty it transmits to children that even the smallest and humblest of people can indeed be successful in life.
Puppet handlers: Mirela Katsa, Mairivi Georgiadou, Filippos Fertis
Director, stage designer: Mairivi Georgiadou – Lighting, technical supervision: Ricardo Di Lauro - Music: Giorgos Pavlakos - Photographs: Tolis Mastrokalos

Friday 17/8 – 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

Mediterranean Sound 2012
Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma and Vassilis Rakopoulos successfully bridge completely different musical elements and approaches. A few years ago, their collaboration produced an internationally acclaimed CD as well as several marvelous concerts in Greece and abroad. Joining them this summer is percussion virtuoso Aggelos Polyhroniou.
Ross Daly - lyras / rabab
Aggelos Polyhroniou - percussion instruments
Kelly Thoma - Cretan lyra
Vassilis Rakopoulos - classical guitar

Sunday 26/8 – 21:30 – Bazeos Tower

Moving sounds
Tara Bouman (clarinet, basset horn, bass clarinet) and Markus Stockhausen (trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn) have been playing together in the duo MOVING SOUNDS since 2002. They play intuitive music, improvisations and compositions by both performers.
The duo prefers to perform in places that have special acoustics where the extraordinary sound of the brass and wind instruments unfolds best.


International summer course: Intuitive music and more. A weekly cycle: August 26th to September 2nd.
With: Markus Stockhausen, Tara Bouman, Vassilis Rakopoulos
Participants concert on Sunday, September 2nd
Ursulines school – Chora Naxos

Drama therapy seminar: - Commedia Dell’ Arte and the Dramatherapist (1&2/9)
With Anna Seymour, Drama Therapy Professor at Cambridge College.
Bazeos Tower – AEON Institute

Organization: “AEON” Non-Profit Cultural Organization.
72 Pratinou street, 116 34 Athens GR
Tel.: +210 7258741, fax: +210 7258766
Artistic Director: Stelios Krasanakis
Production: Mario Vazeos
Communication: Maria Karagiorgi Tel. +30 6937701641


Venues of Naxos Festival:

Α. Bazeos Tower, 17th century, in the inland of Naxos. 12th km of Chora Naxos -Agiassos road.
Bazeos Tower
12th kilometer Chora -Agiassos road
Tel. +30 22850 31402
Β. Temple of Dionysus, at Yria, 3km from Hora. The archaeological site has been awarded the Europa Nostra prize for restoration and successful incorporation in the natural surroundings.
Temple of Dionysus in Iria Only 3 km away from Chora, on the way to Ag. Arsenios village
C. Notos Club, a historic venue, at the parallel backstreet of the Chora promenade.

Tickets for the Naxos Festival are available from:
Bazeos Tower: 12th kilometer Chora Naxos-Agiassos road. Tel. 22850 31402
Cafe Citron: Paralia of Chora. Tel. 22850 27055
Distillery of Vallindras: Chalki. Tel. 22850 31220

Free admission to events of 2/8 & 4/8
Ticket prices for all other events: 15€ and 10€. General admission to the puppet show: 10 €.


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The Legal Entity for Culture, Sports, Environment, Education, Welfare and Solidarity of the Municipality of Naxos and the Small Cyclades (ΝΟPPAPPPA)

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